SimObject visibility timing errors

Hi, I’m working on a number of simObjects animations that have their
visibility turned on or off depending on the time of day. Typically the
schedule is on the hour or on the 1/2 hours. The animation duration is 100
seconds (3000 frames) and I only want the animation to be visible for this
length of time to prevent it looping. I’m using this code to control the
visibility, however the sim doesn’t always turn the animation visibility on at
precisely 01:00 or 02:00 etc. Instead it can be upto 90 seconds, or more,
late. When this delay occurs the animation starts at the beginning but gets
turned off after 10 seconds (100 seconds - delay) because the visibility
‘window’ is only 100 seconds and the timing for turning the visibility off 100
seconds after the hour start appears to be very precise. Is this a know
problem or is there a workaround for it in the code? Code snippet

(E:LOCAL TIME, seconds) 3600 % 0 >= (E:LOCAL TIME, seconds) 3600 % 100 <= and

The animation is working really well but I’m struggling with the timing.

Further testing using standard coding like

(E:LOCAL TIME, seconds) 36000 >= (E:LOCAL TIME, seconds) 36100 <= and if{ 1 } els{ 0 }

and the rocket visibility start is varying from 15 seconds late to over 90
seconds late ! The code to start/stop the smoke animation on the launch pad is
using very similar code and seems to be very precise. very frustrating behaviour Kev