SimObjects are not shown after using built package

Hi Guys! I have a strange problem. I started to add SimObjects (static scenery
objects with custom model behaviour) to my project. Everything works fine. I
build the package without errors. I place the built package in my community
folder and it works fine. But when I send the same package to my collegues for
them none of the simobjects are loading. There is no error message in the
console. When they open the whole project with the editor then they appear.
Very strange. I am hunching that it must be a problem with the output dir. In
this case I used “SimObjects\misc\objects” In my earlier project where I was
placing Jetways the sample said “SimObjects\Landmarks\myproject”. Could be
this the cause? To be honest with destination folders I am always in trouble,
I could not find any table or info which asset type to which output directory
should go. Thanks for the help!

To test it works fine in your community folder you MUST restart the sim so the
project is closed and then do not open the project as the community will be
loaded. Once you load the project the community is ignored. So now see if it
works for you. For the directory I am not sure. But if you share your project
here someone can test and look at the package you are sharing.

Sorry. Yes I did restart the sim, moreover I restart the PC as well. Still for
me it worked fine but not for the others.

Could it be that the scenery simobjects are loading at wrong elevation (below
ground)?. Some of my fence gates and doors have been loading half way into the
ground on the beta while working fine on the release version, but I haven’t
had the energy to look into it.

I did scenery years ago and we had to set some opyion to flatten the ground or
make some areas an actual surface. Check the SDK for anything about this. I am
not a scenery export. Only trying to help until actual help arrives.

Hello @tsgucci “Misc” typed SimObjects should not be an issue. Can you provide
us with the built package and project sources so we can run some tests please?
Regards, Sylvain

A couple of other suggestions to look into. First, you didn’t say exactly
where the simobjects were coming from. Are these SimObjects you created and
compiled and placed as objects within your project (as opposed to making a
library of objects as a secondary package)? Maybe, as you said, the compiled
objects are being compiled someplace else and you aren’t giving them to your
colleagues as a result. You said they have custom behavior, what behaviors do
they have? Is it possible the initial condition to make them appear isn’t
being set properly on your colleagues’ computers? Or the behavior is failing
so they aren’t showing up. Have you started up devmode on their computers and
searched the log for those simobjects, maybe some error messages might help
you debug the situation?