Simvar WINDSHIELD WIND VELOCITY causes instant CTD with AI

The simvar WINDSHIELD WIND VELOCITY should be fixed or at least flagged as
toxic in the documentation, immediately. Attempting to read this simvar from
an AI aircraft will cause instant CTD. This means any aircraft that uses this
variable in behaviour code without an is user sim check may cause instant CTD
when the AI system attempts to load it. Reading this simvar from the user’s
plane looks to be safe. It seems this was discovered by nicotine70 and Black
Square back in October, but we discovered this ourselves a few nights ago. I
don’t know if this is being tracked internally, but flagging it in the SDK
docs could at least be helpful for other devs. Replication rate: 100%
Replication methods: A: Use simvar watcher from sdk, add the windshield wind
velocity simvar with knots value to the list. Select other type than user and
select a different simobject ID to track. Sim will instantly CTD. B: Install
an addon that reads this variable in an update behavior (I may be able to make
a sample for this, or use version 2.0.4 of WB-sim/JPLogistics c152 freeware).
Use Flight Recorder or other method to spawn this plane as AI. Sim will
instantly CTD. And since I was asked to repost this as a question: please? :slight_smile:

Hello @WombiiActual , Thank you for reporting this, This issue has already
been fixed in the next SU12 (I’m not sure if this will be in the beta, but it
will be indicated in the release notes if it is.). Also be aware that
everything related to the weather simulation is only done around the player’s
aircraft and therefore no values are available on AI aircrafts. Regards, Boris