Some fixes for the wizards

Not really urgent, Just noticed some Little issues with the Project editor
wizards (really appreciated that you are keeping working on those!) 1st Is
this the right place to propose sdk related bug fixes/suggestion? Or should i
use zendesk or msfs forums Moving on: - the presence of the thumbanail.jpg Is
at the Moment mandatory. Therefore, once a Project Is saved, couldn’t you Just
put the dummy One in the correct folder? Without the thumbail bulding package
leads to errors, an inexperienced user could be a little bit Lost - also
change this text in the docs "Content Manager Thumbnail: This is where you
can add a thumbnail image that represents the package contents. can should be
“must” - the save dialog (for scenery files and shape files) should point
directly to the respective source folder). At the Moment Is pointing to root
project Folder , making inexperienced user saving their source files in the
wrong Place. Also, while saving files, please put a warning advising to give
shapes file and scenery file a different name, or prompt them with a
confirmation dialog about overwriting existing files. - on Building package,
the Building finished prompt with the ok button Is not Always diplayed on top,
if you have some other Window open in the middle of the screen like the
console the prompt “shows” behind, but One has to know it’s there, Again ,
very Little issues you can throw at the lowest priority, Just keep improving,
little steps!

Hello, Thanks for this report! Yes this platform is the good place if you want
to suggest your ideas to improve the SDK. The community can vote up (or down,
with an explanation hopefully:) ), and our Tech QA can ask for more details in
the case of a bug, to reproduce and investigate. So I’m going to ask
@Nocturne to take a look at your suggestion
regarding the documentation, and to
@GentleFunyarinpa to check your ideas so
that we can discuss internally (he’s the guy behind the wizards :slight_smile: ) Have a
good day.

@mamudesign : Thanks for pointing this out. I
will update the docs for that section and explicitly state that the thumbnail
JPG file is obligatory.