Some FMS buttons not working in VR

Hi, in VR some of the button of the FMS of our aircraft (Fly the Maddog X) do
not work anymore (2D is, of course, ok). I think this started with the last
MSFS update (or maybe with the previous). Panel collision mesh is set
correctly (and anyway we did not change since a long time). What it is strange
is that hovering the mouse over the button the cursor changes from ‘arrow’ to
‘hand’, so it does recognize the mouse rect, but clicking has no effect.
Adding another piece of information, all the buttons do work correctly when
using the “legacy” input mode from the MSFS accessibility settings. Kind
regards, Davide Marras

Hello @dmarras68 It will be difficult for me to investigate this kind of issue
without your package, can you send it to me ? (See [3) provide private
bug-or-crash.html)) Best regards, Yohan

Hello @dmarras68 After testing it both in OpenXR and FakeVR & on SU11 and SU12
we were not able to reproduce this issue with your package. To try to fix this
you can try to : -Clean your community folder -Unplug all unecessary devices
We would also like to know if, when you press the button, you see its
animation or not? Best regards, Yohan

Hi, no there is no animation either. It happens in my developer package but I
got tickets also fro three different customers.

Hello @dmarras68 I’m sorry to say that but without any repro from our side, I
can’t do much more to help you. We suspect that the issue come from your
PartInfo system so I would suggest you to change it for the new Model
Behaviour system, at least for these buttons and at best for all buttons. Best
regards, Yohan

Hi, any idea why it works in 2d mode, and in VR also work using the “legacy”
input mode from the MSFS accessibility settings? And it was working before the
last (or previous) MSFS update.

Hello @dmarras68 Like I said, without any repro from our side on SU12, AAU1 &
SU11, I can’t really help you more, our only blind guess for now is that the
issue comes from the PartInfo system. Best regards, Yohan