Sorry for being that guy, but when will the SDK update corresponding to SU6 be out?

I also wonder if it would be possible to do SDK documentation updates more
like in the rolling release style, with frequent updates, as hopefully
documentation is being improved all the time. It’s “just” documentation, so
there is no risk of breaking anything, it doesn’t need to go through a
rigorous QA process.

Hello @tml SDK is now live and documentation
has been updated. Here are the release notes:
Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain. Does it fix the problem with the build window that does not appear
with the fspackagetool.exe ?

I just tested it and no, it does not fix this issue

Thanks. (For some reason my web browser just kept showing the cached pages of
the previous version SDK documentation, had to manually clear the caches.)

updated, but… is just me or some files ( e.g in bin folder or in
fsdevmodelauncher folder, but pretty much everywhere) in the SDK are showing,
in file explorer, last modified date of 21/10/ 2020 ?? since i have a copy
of the fspackagetool in every project folder, i know for sure that it’s last
modification was 14 /1/‎2021, ‏‎17:58:12 while the 21/10/2020 one comes from
the on of the very first SDK

Why is the log window now disabled when using fspackagetool.exe? Now I can’t
see what is goes wrong. And please don’t tell me to look at the log in the
sim… There are 3500+ errors from default assets or something, unable to find
info for my scenery.

You can filter the ingame log to only show the “Builder” category. The fs-
packagetool bug is still present because it’s on the FlightSimulator.exe side,
not depending on the SDK. Can’t tell when and how we will address that one

Hi, the source code in .MAX for the Jetway sample (and other samples too),
which was present in 0.14.0 is missing, but we can see the Jetway object
itself has been udpated ( 5 LODs vs 2 ).

Ok, thanks! But this is very bad, cause this may not be fixed until the next
sim update.

Ok, but to adapt to the future LOD management sytem, the building debug infos
are essential. So it will delay the schedule of those adaptations (of course,
for freeware modders, it is not a problem, but for partners and companies that
offer payware content, it can be problematic). Maybe you can report back this
info to Jorg or someone else in the MS/Asobo team to fix this issue quickly.

Hello. The updated .max is not included yet, it needs some more work before
being made publicly available. Regards, Sylvain