Spoiler_extension_time variable is used in modern flight model?

Currently, I am creating a Canso PBY-5 and I want to model the floats’s drag.
In order to make this, I use “spoilers animations” to modelize “my floats”.
With this solution, I can also use keyboard shorcuts (extend spoilers, retract
spoilers, spoilers toggle) to manage extension/retractation of “my
floats/spoilers”. Nevertheless, the movement of the floats when I command the
deployment (NUM /) is almost instantaneous despite the use of the variable
spoiler_extension_time (=20). I specify that all spoilers 's parameters
(6) are filled in as specidfied in the last SDK. Is this a normal function of
the current SDK ( or is there something I have forgotten ?

After a lot of tests, using very hight values for spoiler_extension_time (=>
500), the only solution which give a good result is the tag. So why the SDK
give says otherwise: this variable is not taken into account at all.

Solved problem: - you should not use tags in the animation because these
tags prevent the proper functioning of the calculations - you should not use
car for theses two points, the “spoilers_extension_time” is active.