Stall protection vs alpha protection in flight_model.cfg

Until recently, I only remember there being a [Stall Protection] section in
description of the flight_model.cfg inputs in the SDK. Now there is also an
[Alpha Protection] system section. According to the SDK, the only difference
between the variables in the two sections is that the [Alpha Protection]
section does not have a variable for enabling it, while the [Stall Protection]
system does. Otherwise, all the parameters for activating and deactivating
this protection are exactly the same and are based on alpha. Please explain
why this is (i.e., what is the intent?).

Hello @donstim Thank you for raising this, this is an error on our part. The
ALPHA PROTECTION section doesn’t exist, there was a misunderstanding when
this was documented. Only the STALL PROTECTION exists and is used to
configure FBW aircraft anti stall system. Sorry for the inconvenience. This
will be fixed in SU8 documentation. Regards, Sylvain

Thanks for the answer Sylvain. I wonder if in the future something similar
could be added to simulate a stick pusher system within the MSFS flight model.
Regards, Don