Stand alone : ModelBehaviorDefs XML files to SPB compiler

Assuming that .spb files can run when in ModelBehaviorDefs, is there currently
a way to compile XML files in ModelBehaviorDefs to . spb files ? If this is
possible, will running the .spb files, as opposed to the XML file, give any
significant speed advantage. ?

Hello @N6722C , SimPropBinary (SPB) files are not supported for Behavior Xml
at this time. Feel free to make a new idea about it. We think that the only
advantage of using spb’s would be in parsing, not in execution. Regards, Boris

Could this be possibly used to reduce the simulator startup time, assuming
this feature would come, and every behavior file would then be distributed as

Thanks @Boris Speed aside, One advantage to Developers, is a small amount of
added prevention, to users messing with the XML, and then wasting the devs
time with self inflicted Tech Support issues… Of course, those that know what
they are doing can revert the .spb back to an .xml format, unless there was
some MSFS way to password protect the .spb file !! I suspect the recent
explosion of so much of the Market Place DRM content, on Pirate sites, has a
lot of developers thinking in these directions.