Stand Alone SDK build/testing tool request

I know it’s likely too late in MSFS 2020 lifecycle for a tool like this but I figured I’d mention it in the hopes of getting something like it for 2024!
As developers, we spend most of our day with several copies of VS Code, visual studio, browser tabs, 3DS Max, Blender, Photoshop and or other apps open. And on top of all that we need to have the sim open and running to test our code.
Would it be possible to create a lighter weight version of the sim that would have the same engine running in the background but none of the overhead. All we’d really need is a small test map, and the ability to see our changes LIVE as we make them (do away with the clunky resync feature). I realize something like this isn’t a small ask but man would it improve the quality of life for developers.

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I need a sim that loads in under a minute.
I hope 2024 will bring that!

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Make this a request so we can vote!

I agree, my Windows 11 boots up in less than a minute, my MSFS2020 takes 5 minutes to load up and that’s with a tiny community folder. To make matters worse, the fact we have to wait 30+ seconds every time we are forced to build just to see changes, it makes for a very painful dev process.