Starting 3DS Max throws runtime error

Hello! Since a few SDK versions back I’m getting the following error when
starting 3DS Max 2019: Haven’t
seen any negative side-effects of this yet but still wonder what it means and
how I can fix it.

I have the same since the beginning. never tried to fix original issue, I just
replace isMAX2019V3_SUP with True in the scripts after each update.

Hi @Sasa thanks for raising this The bug has been
addressed internally. You should have a fix in the next versions of the SDK
The issue is that the maxscript function maxversion() seems do not
return the expected array on your 3dsmax version Update your 2019 version to
the 2019.3 or superior to avoid the issue.

Thank you for the quick feedback! Updating to a higher Max version is not
really an option as I also use a few other exporters that only work up to 2019

  • which made it the best possible compromise. :slight_smile:

Sure but I wasn’t speaking of another max version…I was talking about the
patch and update for the same 2019 version Anyway it will be fixed in the next
SDK release

Seems to be fixed now, thank you!