Starting on a custom created helipad jumps/teleports to another location after we select "ready to fly"

Hello, I created a custom 3D platform (Helipad) a notch above ground level and
I selected the Collision Material (not road material). In Dev mode, I added a
Helipad and made it at the same height above the ground as the 3D platform. I
see the Helipad in MSFS as an (H) icon on the Map, I select it as a start
position, when the flight loads and I see the screen with the Yellow button
(read to fly), I see the aircraft sitting on the 3D platform. When I click
“ready to fly” the aircraft is teleported to the closest airport. Just to
confirm: I guess adding a Helipad is not an official start position in MSFS
although we see the (H) icon on the map therefore we always need a runway as a
start position (make it transparent in this case)? Thanks

Since I did not get any feedback about this issue here and I am having it with
another scenery I recently created with a Helipad, I sent a bug report on