Startup FLT files not being read?

it would seem that the sim is NOT Reading or acting on [LocalVars.0] section
contained within APRON or TAXI FLT Files but is reading those from HANGAR.FLT
without issue ? for example - as a test I have made Identical HANGAR and APRON
FLT withe the below content [LocalVars.0] BBS_ClipBoard_Option_1=0
BBS_ClipBoard_Option_2=1 BBS_ClipBoard_Option_3=0 BBS_ClipBoard_Option_4=0
BBS_ClipBoard_Option_5=0 BBS_ClipBoard_Option_6=0 As can be seen Option 2
(CHOCKS) is selected in both scenarios … It the Hangar , the Chocks are
visible … on the Ramp, they are Not Have I missed something obvious ? This
has been tested on SU10 Beta as well as SU9 with the same results [edit]
Additionally I can clearly see that these options are correctly loading in the
pre load “Ready to fly” Screen (Camera state 16) but as soon as you enter the
Sim (Camera state 2 or 3) They have reverted to zero (off) condition

Hello @ModelMuncher Do you have these values
mentioned in the states.cfg as well by any chance? Regards, Sylvain

Thanks … no , wasnt aware we had to :slight_smile: Looking

Well according to the SDK It should be here

      1. C:\Users\>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SimObjects\>\states.cfg

However … after a file search of all 3 Hard drives it does not appear to
exist :frowning:

SDK Might need an Update :slight_smile:

Hello. No, you don’t have to. I was asking because if you have those values
defined in the [LocalVars] section of systems.cfg , they become
persistent variables, are saved into states.cfg and take over the value
defined in the FLT files. Make sure this is not your case. If not, I need to
repro to understand what’s the issue. Is it happening with the package you
already provided to us (Trislander)? If so, can you send me the FLT files as
they are missing from the package please? Regards, Sylvain

MY APOLOGIES !!! Thanks Sylvain for your help but the issue was Simple Stupid
and Obvious (once discovered) The Main Gear Height for the aircraft is 6.15
Feet The STATIC Gear height was set for 6.35 ! The aircraft was essentially
dropping 0.2 Feet on Load causing our Internal checking to decide the aircraft
was “in Flight” and resetting Chocks and Pitot Covers to the OFF Position :frowning:
Once again Sorry, and Thanks for your suggestion and investigation

Yes, first path is for Steam. @Nocturne FYI