State of Bushtrips

Hello, I’ve been doing some testing of my bushtrip and discovered that it
appears that a rather large number of changes have been made to the bushtrip
ecosystem in MSFS. Below I will add my findings and implications some of the
changes have made.

  1. The time is no longer reversed at the end of leg. Previously, the time would revert to exact moment the leg started, making each leg start at the same time. Now next leg starts when previous ended. In some scenarios this will force people to fly in pitch dark night, making landing on smaller airports or airstrips virtually impossible.
  2. The bushtrip template inside documentation is incorrect. Here are the flow events from INTRO flow state provided in the template:


If such values are used in bushtrip the mission starts with menu like “Travel
To” enabled, plus a bunch of other ones, including Objectives panel opening
automatically at start. The values used to be:


and above are the ones that should actually be used by people to ensure a
proper mission is created.

  1. When bushtrip is continued, the FUEL_PAYLOAD panel is never disabled. That’s a weird one which definitely worked before. Either the out of fuel calculator is not working or something else is causing the fuel panel to be constantly visible even after take off.

From my perspective it looks like the states at the end of bushtrip legs are
currently behaving incorrectly. Either something is not being triggered or
state definitions have changed. Below snippet worked before:



At the moment the refuel action can be triggered, however the dialog will not
show up (I moved the dialog to airport landing calculator). I have noticed all
these changes and problems when new “end of the leg/bushtrip” menu was
introduced. Think this might have been around Xbox update. I will be grateful
for any information about changes to bushtrips and any dates when further
updates/changes are planned.

You can use spb2xml to
look how the new bushtrips work. I assume those don’t have the same problem

Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, new bushtrips, and actually all
built in bushtrips behave in the same manner around time. When leg finishes
the time is no longer turned back to the moment specified in original FLT
file. Next leg starts at the same time as previous one finished. While in many
cases this can be even desirable, I would like to see an official statement
about this. In my opinion it would be good to have a way to actually control
at what time each leg starts, giving options like: - normal time progression
through the bushtrip (this is how it works right now) - each leg starts at
the same time (that’s how it used to work) - each leg has a separate
date/time (adding different weather presets would also make it more
interesting) As I said in my question, current unannounced change to the way
bushtrips work has a really bad impact on some of them. Weather presets
designed for a specific time are useless. Trips taking longer than daylight
time might become actually almost impossible to finish. Last thing I want to
tell my customers is to use dev mode to turn the time back. Hopefully someone
from MSFS Team will provide more details, as it is definitely a change inside
the sim and bushtrip file has nothing to do with it.