Steerling wheels Problem on Helicopters

I’m developing the AW139 helicopter but I have a problem with the nose wheel
steering. I added steering configuration parameters in flight_model.cfg
exactly like on Cessna CJ4 but unfortunately it doesn’t work on helicopters. I
also tried to test with other Airplanes and it works fine but when in the
engine.cfg under ‘[GENERALENGINEDATA]/engine_type =’ I set the value ‘3’ it
doesn’t work. Do you know if this bug can be fixed? I made this video using
Simvar Whatcher to compare parameter setting on airplanes and helicopters

Hello @Helicopterx1 Just to make sure, the engine type set to helo-turbine
type is the only modification you have made to make your aircraft an
helicopter? Your category parameter in aircraft.cfg is set to
Airplane and not Helicopter? Regards, Sylvain

Hi thanks for your reply, all the project is written for helicopters,
aircraft.cfg , flight_model.cfg , engine.cfg etc…

Closing the loop…

A:GEAR CENTER STEER ANGLE, degrees is now working with SU15 beta.