Strange shadowing problems on few new 3D models

While evaluating new project for 2023, we have stumbled upon a few cases of 3D
models which, once imported in the game, seem to have strange shadowing
artifacts / behavior. In particular: -HANGAR VIEW: the resolution (and the
speed at which the shadow changes) is MUCH lower than it is on other models.
The shadow is updated maybe once every second or two and it is exteremely
fuzzy and imprecise (see first picture… of course disregard th gear
animation issue - effect can be clearly seen by looking at the shadow of the
hangar door)

several issues in full daylight (clear sky) - massive amount of dithering and
flickery/fuzzy shadows on some areas (e.g.fins in the image below - not very
clear, but it is difficult to capture the problem)…
We have two new models in the
works which seem to suffer from this - these models also exhibit HUGE
shadowing problems in the cockpit. Older models work just fine and compile
neatly, and have no problems - so it seems a problem linked to the model and
not to the SDK tools or our computer. Any hint of what may be wrong?

Hello @Indiafoxtecho For the external model, the shadow maps depend on the
model bounding sphere. Make sure you don’t have a lost piece of geometry that
increases that sphere radius. You can check it in game using the " Debug
" devmode option and checking " Display bounding spheres ". As for
the cockpit, there’s a dedicated bounding sphere that you can display through
the " AircraftShadow sphere " devmode option. It’s edited by
creating a camera with the category " Cocpkit " and subcategory " Shadow
", and editing its Initial XYZ and Bounding Box Radius
parameters. If this is already correctly setup for your model, I would need
your package to investigate further. Regards, Sylvain

@Nocturne FYI