Strange VFX problem in SU8

I have created heat effect for aircraft. If i start aircraft on runway - VFX
render correctly. If i shut down engine and then start engine again - VFX
ignore any parameters and render incorrectly. This happen only with
VFX_HeatEffect or VFX_Afterburner_heat matterial. With VFX_Debug_Particle i
dont have any problem. Screens for example: 1. Started on RunWay

2. Started on Appron (or
shutdown engine on runway and start it again)

After diging - issue exist with any matherials with CODE_HEATDEFORM type

Any news, info?

any chance it’s your project issue? I’ve made variable jet engine heat with
default material, I think it works properly <
eech/msfs-effects-lib/tree/main/HeatBlur> also Asobo announced blur visual
improvements (probably in SU8 if I remember correctly)

Look to picture. If effect start immediately - it works, but if i restart -
it’s not work. Effect ignore all additional properties. Only for materials
with CODE_HEATDEFORM And it’s for HEAT effects only, not for smoke.

Okay. My effect uses default VFX_HeatEffect material, appearance code is
(A:APU PCT RPM, percent) 10 > Started flight on apron - no effect visible,
sstarted APU - effect appears. Maybe you discovered some specific VFX bug,
hard to tell without XMLs



Effect appeared but with different view. 1. Looks normal. Work all properties
(size/position) 2. Looks like small balls, Position/Velocity and size not

Any chance you have dedicated exterior and interior models? In one of my
projects exterior and interior models are separated and never rendered same
tame, so effect nodes inserted in both. I have noticed effects anomalies like
nodes moves around after you switch camera (haven’t tried heat blur in it
though). Asobo devs uses different approach - exterior and cockpit GLTFs
usually always rendered same time, so they easily can miss this issue.

I use this effect with Asobo aircraft (TBM930 Improvement mod). Node exist
only in exterior model

Hello @Mugz, Can you send us your effect file so we
can have a look? Regards, Sylvain

Can you give me mail/or something for send project privately?

Check item 3, you can adjust the visibility of your comment so that only Asobo
people can see it [

Did you get Project files?

Hi @Mugz , I was not able to reproduce this issue on the DA62, Can you send us
your project please ?

I already send FX project. I use this effect in TBM930 for fx_exhaust_left and
fx_exhaust_right First start effect work without problem (when i just attach
to nodes on started aircraft). Try shutdown aircraft and start it again from
Cold and Dark

There is my component in definition

{91615FF9-CD8A-427F-B40A-EE74E95C5239} (A:GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION:1, Bool) 0 >
{90D91CAD-B5B7-497D-A9B7-D6968B7BC79E} (A:GENERAL ENG COMBUSTION:1, Bool) 0 >

Hello @Mugz , I was not able to reproduce the issue Do you have a video of
this behavior ? We are still investigating Regards, Boris

Wait. I will make it.