String L:VARS

Dear Asobo, Would it be possible to expand the functionality of L:VARS to
store strings? even if these are small chunks of 64 chars it would be
incredible useful. Not only we can use it to communicate better with WASM
modules, but also to store values that are alpha numeric outside of the XBOX
Cloud via our own persistence solutions, etc. Thanks for taking this in
consideration. Raul

Already requested before

as noted last year … ******SonantAlpaca
/idea-comment/4102/view.html • Nov 22 2021 at
9:34 AM | virtuali /idea-
• Nov 22 2021 at 11:07
AM ** Hello, While at the moment there is no plan to support string &
custom structs for vars, we definitely have a task in the roadmap to provide a
better documentation & to standardize the behavior of our different variable
types. I believe this will be a good start to improve their usage