SU10 - Bush Trips - how to disable Auto refuel on leg completion

How to disable the automatic refueling of the aircraft after leg-completion,
introduced with SU10 (beta) inside of a mission script, setting or else? I saw
the new EventTrigger but no option, preset or anything else to disable the
automatic refuel. Thank you very much in advance, BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC As far as I know, it can’t be
disabled at the moment. I’ll discuss the issue internally and will come back
to you. Regards, Sylvain

Thank you very much @FlyingRaccoon. For
several creators it is important, because they are dealing with fuel
consumption in their missions / bush trips. I also offered to sent you the xml
part for re fueling on airports offering fuel for the Vanilla to SU4- bush
trips. Since SU5 bushtrips, it is possible for the user the refuel inside of
the mission by the handle bar or taxiing to the fuel station after landing
when the airport offers fuel.

Hi Sylvain @FlyingRaccoon. I was now able to
install SU11 and saw the new Property for Bushtrips. Thank you very much for
this. Just tested, here is the result: Departure with 60% Fuel (Defined in
FLT) Landing on Airport A with 48% Fuel SU9: Click Continue for Leg2: 48%
Fuel Goto Mainmenu, come back later: 48% Fuel SU10: Click Continue for Leg2:
100% Fuel Goto Mainmenu, come back later: 60% Fuel SU11: Disabled
RefuelOnLegStart in Xml:
Click Continue for Leg2: 48% Fuel Goto Mainmenu,
come back later: 60% Fuel < << WRONG! Should be 48% (from Landing), not 60%
of FLT definition
SU11: Enabled RefuelOnLegStart in Xml: Click Continue
for Leg2: 100% Fuel, ok Autorefuel Goto Mainmenu, come back later: 60% Fuel
< << WRONG! Should be 100%, because RefuelOnLegStart is active. BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC I just ran a test and didn’t
encounter the issue. When returning from main menu, I had the correct fuel
quantity. I placed the new RefuelOnLegStart tag as a child of
SimMission.MissionBushTrip. Is this what you are doing too? You can send me
your bushtrip and I’ll have a look. Regards, Sylvain

@FlyingRaccoon Thank you Sylvain for testing.
Yes, I have set it as element (not attribute) in SimMission.MissionBushTrip:

And I have edited my post above
to be cleared, what I would expect (fuel after landing, not from FLT / 100%
Fuel when flag is true). To me it looks like the fuel-level is not saved in
the cloud save and thus set to the state of the FLT file when the trip is
continued from the main menu. But this is only a speculation. If you need a
trip, I will make a shorter one for you, so you don’t need to burn too much
fuel for testing. Wish you a successful launch tomorrow, BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC Can you send us the mission you used for testing so we can make
sure we are testing in the same conditions please? Regards, Sylvain

Hi Sylvain, unfortunately, I cannot share my test/example trip, to many fancy
changes included since last week. Just create a new one without any other
stuff and while testing: It is now working as expected! Is there any change
between SU11 Beta and SU11 Public Version? Thank you very much @FlyingRaccoon

Hello @BuffyGC Nothing change between SU11 flighting and final version. The
new tag was already available with the first flighting version. Anyway the
good news is that it now works for you :slight_smile: Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon Yes, the tag was there, I mean more to code behind :slight_smile:
However, I cannot reproduce the issue currently, maybe some interference with
changing the tag for the same mission from true to false to true, … Btw. In
the release notes is stated, default is “False”, but the default is “True”.
Are you aware of this? BuffyGC.

Code behind didn’t change either as far as I can tell. Not sure what went
wrong there. Of course, the default is true. @Nocturne Can you make sure the
doc is right on this please? Regards, Sylvain