SU10: Road traffic exclude not working anymore

Just doesn’t seem to be have any effect anymore after SU10 got installed:
On a sidenote: Lots of the road
traffic no drives sideways and backwards (noticed in Indonesia so far, so I’m
not sure if this is limited to left hand traffic countries)

I suppose that’s the reason why now we can see cars driving over the sea ( in
tunnels) , e.g yesterday it was like rush our over the Euroasia tunnel at
Instabul) some other reports here
Nothing in the official forums, let open a bug there too

Hello @Sasa & @mamudesign , This is a known issue that is a bit more
complicated to fix than expected and should be fixed for SU11 I will keep you
updated :wink: Regards, Boris

Appreciated, thanks! In the meantime will try to teach boats and airport
vehicles to dodge those cars :smiley: I find quite interesting that the issue was
not noticeable during the beta , and because latest beta is the same as the
stable release, this should be server side (maybe omitting the tunnels
exclusions improved some performance elsewhere) Let’s wait su11 then, or its
beta salut!

Hi, It should be fixed for SU11, it was the same bug for vehicles in tunnels.
Regards, Xavier