[SU10 U3] - Removed fuel flags from BGL files

With the update to all fuel flags for the airports in the BGL files
have been set to 0. Only 6 airports still have fuel flags (BIIS Isafjordur,
EGAA Aldergrove, HEAZ Almaza AB, KCOF Patrick AFB, KNFL Fallon NAS (Van
Voorhis Fld), KNID China Lake NAWS (Armitage Fld), LSZO Luzern-Beromunster).
Is this change intentional? Little Navmap no longer shows which airport offers
fuel in the airport icons and does not show which fuel type is offered in the
airport information. Thank you, BuffyGC

Hello @BuffyGC , Thank you for reporting this, We will investigate and I will
let you know when I have more information about it. Regards, Boris

Hi @Boris , any update for this topic? Thanks, BuffyGC

Hi @BuffyGC , Sorry for the delay of my answer, The fuel tag is not used
anymore. As soon as you have a FUEL parking space you will have all the fuels
available. I guess the author of Little Navmap will have to update the
software to search a parking type fuel instead of a tag in the bgl. Regards,