SU10B Aprons with many points create duplicates

- When creating aprons with a lot of points (50-ish and more), you’ll get 2-3
duplicate aprons below with varying amounts of those points. - Folder
hierarchy in Scenery editor gets all messed up And my favorite part - if you
disable the beta in Steam - MSFS no longer starts. Redownloading 98GBs all
over again.

Hello @pyreegue , 1. I was not able to reproduce
this behavior. Can you show me a video of when this issue happen occurs ? 2.
I’m not sure to understand what you mean by ‘gets all messed up’. Don’t you
use groups ? Or maybe you are talking about a specific behavior and, in this
case, we will need repro steps to investiguate please. 3. As the SU10 is an
update, indeed, running SU10 packages into SU9 is not possible. You will need
to make a clean SU9 Install and for PC users, [as indicated
update-10-beta/507612), " if your install is not on a custom path, you will
have to reinstall the sim to restore the prior build
". Finally, I suggest
you to make your title more explicit. This helps us (both 3rdP and us) to
follow posts more easily and it can also help us to shorten the response time.
Regards, Boris

By messed up I mean folders are shuffled. i.e. my “Airport” main folder was
moved to a different folder. Same thing happened to other folders… I will not
be able to make a video of issue #1 since I rolled back to SU9 stable to be
able to continue work.

Do you remember if when the folders were moved, it was after a save/load/build
or other specific action?

No, my usual folder structure is the main Airport folder and then my folders.
When I first opened my project in SU10, my Airport folder was inside of
another folder (Misc). Polygons folder was in Custom Objects folder etc. It’s
like someone pressed the shuffle button.

Also to my #1 issue. Try to make a very long apron across one axis with many
points (50+), with twists and turns, like follow a road for example.

Just tested more. It happens in SU9 as well.

A video of the issue could help us a lot What is your workflow ? Holding CTRL
and left click or just click on 1 click placing and then left click for each
point you want to add ?

While holding CTRL. It’s really hard to capture on video because it doesn’t
always happen.

I got it. When creating aprons with CTRL, I moved my camera sometimes with
W/A/S/D, and if D and CTRL is pressed simultaneously - it creates a duplicate
apron. Suggestion - disable duplication while in apron edit mode.

CTRL + D is to duplicate an element. Indeed this is an issue when moving the
camera and using CTRL at the same time to place a point. We will discuss it
internally. Thanks for the feedback :wink: Regards, Boris