[SU10B] Beta range not working properly in SU10 beta 1.27.11

First of all, the setup is inconsistent across the different default
turboprops. I.e. the King Air has its idle at the right location, but the 208
has it at the beta/ground idle position (behind idle). On to the problem
itself, I see that the turboprops have the beta range feature implemented.
However, when I go into reverse, I get the regular reverse thrust effect I had
before: Ng increases and the propeller pitch goes back to min_reverse. If I
use the mouse to drag the power lever back from flight idle, it jumps to
“ground idle” and sets the propeller beta to its feathered angle (without
moving the prop lever). The expected behaviour is that as you pull it back, it
would reduce the propeller angle from 10 degrees to something like 1 degree
(King Air). Then, once you go past the ground idle threshold you’ll get Ng to
increase and propeller beta to go to max reverse. I will try a custom power
lever solution to see if I can get it to work properly, but the default
behaviour is definitely wrong.

Adding some more information: I created a custom power lever that intercepts
the relevant events and feeds them into an L:var. I then used the L:var to
force the beta angle of the prop, based on how much travel the lever has. When
I set A:PROP BETA FORCED ACTIVE to true the propeller goes to feather instead
of the beta angle we’re asking for. This also happens with the default
turboprops in SU10. The Avar works, but the event or logic behind it doesn’t.
A snipped of the code I used is here:

(L:ENGINE_POWER_LEVER_1, Percent over 100) 5 * 180 / 16384 * (>K:2:PROP_FORCE_BETA_VALUE_SET)

The above code should set the beta angle to a value from 0 to 5 degrees,
corresponding to 0% to 100% of travel. Ng was idle during the entire test.

Hello @SWS-AlexVletsas Beta range is not implemented on our turboprops. We
fixed an issue on the King Air that was moving when power was set to ground
idle but that’s the only modification in that regard compared to SU9. We just
took advantage of the situation to create and expose simvars and events so you
can implement it on your aircraft if you want to. As for the example you
provided, you are calling a K:2 event but passing only one parameter. You need
to pass the index of the propeller as the first parameter. Regards, Sylvain

I checked the default turboprops as well, when pulling the lever with the
mouse using beta the propeller moves to feather (KA moves to 89 degrees).
Regarding my code snippet above I tried with the propeller index as well, but
what it did was feather the prop. If I set the angle before the
PROP_FORCE_BETA_ON event is sent, it seems to work better.

Hello! Can I ask a bit of help to make “prop beta force” for a specific range
of throttle lever position?