[SU10B] CTD if the attach node for an attached object is not found

This problem is not new of this beta, it was already happening with the SU9
release. If a Simobject has attached objects, but the node they are supposed
to be attached to are not found in the .GLTF file, the sim crashes with an
access violation in Flightsimulator.exe This seems related to LOD switching,
because the compiler already flags as errors attachment definitions referring
to not existing nodes, so this should never happen, the object wouldn’t be
compiled if the node specification was wrong. However, I suspect it might be
related to LOD switching, because a way to fix this, is to export by including
the attach nodes in every LOD level, even in the one that don’t need them (not
containing an command ) so, especially when the attach objects are many
and/or large, the sim is still creating the attached objects for the
previously active LOD, and a new one (one that doesn’t have the nodes, because
it doesn’t use attachments ) gets active in the meantime while the previous
operation was still completing, causing a crash. That might explain why
including all attach nodes in all LOD levels seems to fix it.

Hello @virtuali Do you have a dump file or a package to repro the issue? I
have been doing some testing on the Da62 but providing a non existing node,
although not producing any warning/error or preventing the package from
building, didn’t trigger any CTD in my case. I had a CTD at some point but it
was a problem of cross reference (attaching a model that you’re attached to
basically) Regards, Sylvain