[SU10b] Loading large scenery drops fps and floods mainthread (2fps) -> CTD

In SU10 Beta Loading a large scenery will tank performance down to about 2fps
if you don’t allow the initial community folder scenery to load first. To
reproduce: Spawn into a location Open XML in devmode don’t wait for it to load
Load BGL in scenery editor This will tank the FPS and in some cases will
finally CTD. To fix: Spawn into a location Open XML in devmode Wait for the
scenery to load completely (you can usually tell when the FPS stabilizes) Load
BGL in scenery editor and wait till it completely loads till you click scenery
editor. This loads as normal like previous versions. The old behavior was you
could load your XML then just quickly load the BGL into the scenery editor and
it would handle it ok. Now it needs a settling-in period and stabilize before
you can start working on your scenery.

Hello @HybridNZ , We were unable to replicate this behavior. Can you send us
your project please ? See [3) Provide private
bug-or-crash.html) Is [your other
parking-spot-over-projected-mesh-drop.html) about the same project ? If I
understood correctly, you put your package “library” in community folder ? Do
you have other content in the community folder ? Did you try to empty it
before opening your project ? What was the result ? Regards, Boris