[SU10B] - Material to Painted Lines, drag and drop slows down progress

I believe that before the SU10 Beta it was possible to apply a material to an
Apron or Painted Line just by leaving the material selected and then pressing
the material button on the object, which was much easier for Painted Lines
where we spent a lot of time applying the same material to various objects.
Now that doesn’t happen anymore, I have to drag and drop the material over a
small field on the object and this slows down a lot the development of large
airports with many lines. From the description of the tooltip this doesn’t
seem to be a bug, but I wish it were possible again.

Hello @FSoares , Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: We will investigate and fix this,
Regards, Boris

Hello @FSoares , The fix for this issue will be in SU11 Regards, Boris