[SU10b]SDK doesn't honour any positional changes to runway primary/secondary start points

Hi, I’m trying to adjust the primary and secondary runway starts. I can edit
their position in the scenery editor but after compiling the project the
position the airplane spawns in remains unchanged. I’ve used this feature
hundreds of times in previous releases but it appears broken in SU10b. The
attached image shows where the plane is spawning in and also the runway start
position it should of used.


Hello @Photosbykev , Thank you for reporting, We are investigating this,
Regards, Boris

Hi, Do you have one holdshort near your runway ? The plane will ignore the
runway start and use the holdshort (it has been like that since at least 2011)
Regards, Xavier

Is it that simple??? I do have a hold short across the runway because there is
one there in real life. I’ll change it to a normal taxiwaypoint and just paint
the line across it. edit: See my comment below, it still doesn’t spawn in on
the runway start point Kev

Hi Xavier, I tested your observation. All of the taxiway points are normal
(not holdshort) and the runway start position is on top of the displaced
threshold arrow head in the bottom of the attached image. The plane is where
it spawned in for Runway 27. The start position is also offset on runway start
for 22 The world map sees the start position in the correct location. If it
helps I can provide access to the full project folder.

I’ve asked other users to test my scenery and they are seeing the same offset
start positions on the runways so I don’t know what is causing it Kev

@Boris There is a bug in the way SU10b is handling runway start positions on
runways with Displaced Thresholds. This is the problem with my scenery, To
test the theory I duplicated the original 0927 runway and offset it about 100m
so they were parallel with each other. On the duplicated runway I removed the
displaced thresholds and the plane spawns on the runway start that I had
positioned over the threshold numbers. This didn’t happen in SU9 and earlier
versions. Kev

Still broken with the latest Beta and SDK 0.19.1. Kev

Hello @Photosbykev , Can you send us your project please ? [See 3) Provide
Private Content](https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/articles/5483/how-to-
report-a-bug-or-crash.html) Regards, Boris

Just checked v1.27.21 beta and the primary/secondary starting position problem
with runways and displaced thresholds is still there :frowning: Kev

Hello, I just tested on SU10 a runway with a threshold and without any
hold short and the starting position is respected. Perhaps you have an hold
short point somewhere that conflicts with the primary/secondary position?

Regards, Boris