[SU10B] TOGGLE WATER RUDDER key doesn't toggle value

Some developers uses water rudder variable for their add-ons as it has
dedicated hotkey. After flight start on aircraft without floats and water
rudder configured, WATER RUDDER HANDLE POSITION value is -1 (I think it was
same in SU9) If I press Toggle Water Rudder key it does not change WATER
RUDDER HANDLE POSITION to 1 or at least 0 as expected. If I set this variable
value to 0 manually, hotkey start to work. On planes with floats this key
works properly , but will be useful to have it available for any aircraft.

Hello @thealx , The WATER RUDDER HANDLE POSITION variable is only for
seaplanes. It stay at -1 if not a seaplane. However, you can use a template
that force the Simvar to be updated at 0 at the init of the aircraft :

                    0 (>A:WATER RUDDER HANDLE POSITION, percent)

Regards, Boris