[SU10b] Vector Placement Bug

Hi Team, We began wrapping up our latest product and in the final testing the
patch released just the other day appears to have broken our fences. It
appears that the sim is now loading the final LOD rather than the relevant LOD
based on Screensize usage. Smaller Vector placements appear not to have this

Scenery after package is built and installed:

Forcing LOD_0 which it should
be in this screensize:

Further to this, I noticed when I check out assets we got the same issue
intermittently as Impulse Simulations. However, I could only reproduce it
once. This is definitely a regression in the latest SU10b build as it was
working fine in testing on the last build. @FlyingRaccoon Here is a video of
the LOD behavior which seems to have some issues with LOD display. It will
respect LOD when getting closer however double bounce and load the lower LODS
when you get far away, which is the opposite of what it needs to do. I made a
video showing a vector placement object vs a static non-vector placement LOD.
The static objects are fine however Vector placement is not.

Hello @ImpulseSimulations , Sorry for the lack of news on this, We have been
investigating this issue and I have raised a ticket on our end. We don’t have
anETA yet but I will keep you updated as soon as I know more. Thanks,
@ImpulseSimulations , The code has not changed between the different SU10
builds on this part so it may be something external to it that gives the
impression Regards, Boris

Thanks Boris, much appreciated.