[SU11 Beta] Aircraft editor v2 - no engine type - None for aircraft .cfg

How do we set up gliders? no

yes there is a tab
Engines where engine type = None, It no longer crashes the sim and mess up the
aircraft animations. edit: says gliders use blank in icao_engine_type

Hello @DA40CGDFQ , We will add a “None” in the list. The most important
parameter of the two is the one in the Engine tab In the meantime, you can use
all the options you want or leave it empty in aircraft.cfg. Edit: - In
the CFG, “None” and “” are aliases and will give the same behavior. The
documentation and the AircraftEditor are not fully covering gliders and
helicopters creation yet. We will do our best so that we cover those ASAP.
This icao_engine_type parameter is only used to compute weight for traffic
aircraft selection. Any chance the animation problems you are witnessing are
the result of comparing a package built with SU10 and a newly built package?
Thank you for reporting this, Regards, Boris