[SU11 Beta] Glider CG limit is 35% MAC

I have a glider that requires the empty Weight CG to be at 49% MAC, yet the
max is 35% according to the SDK. Wil this be changed?

  • To position the longitudinal (z) component of the empty CG, the best is to use the % MAC. If that information is available, use it directly. If not, usually, the empty CG will be located at around 20% MAC. The % MAC of the empty CG is displayed in the debug window of the weight debug screen. A % MAC outside of the 10% to 35% range may result in an uncontrollable aircraft.

This has been a problem from the start - artificial limits set by whoever
built the core flight model which do not exist in the real world, and the
result is that you set correct figures and the resulting behaviour is

Hello @DA40CGDFQ We will remove this sentence from the tutorial documentation
as it is misleading in a tutorial that doesn’t cover an aircraft in
particular. @GrimPhoenix9349 I’m not sure to understand what you’re referring
to. This is just a recommendation in the doc but there’s nothing preventing
you from setting a empty CG position outside that scope. Or have I missed
something? Regards, Sylvain

I am having a difficult time making the aircraft CG set in the sim to what the
POH has. as an example: the SGS 2-33A glider has the root of the wing leading
edge at 63 in. aft of datum. The wing MAC is 60 in. The calculated empty
weight CG is 93 in aft of datum. this makes it 93 - 63 = 30 in aft of the
leading edge. 30/60 = 50 % MAC. The sim calculation set the weight and balance
EWCG at 30% and I use the slider to set it to 46% - this is the slider max.
How do we set the EWCG to the proper POH values. Your calculations has me
stumped and I can figure out how you distribute the weight along the aircraft
length to get the sim to come up with the CG position. Please enhance the SDK
documentation on this. I’ve tried fuselage width, and center positions engine
is zero, at 0,0,0