[SU11 Beta] Must have panel.cfg in panel folder or no show in Aircraft List

You must have the panel.cfg in the panel folder or else your aircraft will be
unselectable in the Aircraft Editor or Project load SimObject button will be
greyed out. Please add this check to the project build process, since you now
do checks for all sorts of things. The SDK states that the panel.cfg is a
critical file. So should be part of the checks done for the aircraft project.
edit: The reason for my request is that I build an aircraft project from
nothing. Just using the project editor. I saw the errors for market place
seller id contact id, thumbnails, extra file, all the extraneous stuff. great
thanks. But then I got my project to build without any red errors. But it
would not show up in the sim as a selectable aircraft. So I wasted half a day
trying to figure out what’s wrong. All your other errors and possible solution
were very helpful. Except this. Please add this error check.

Hello @DA40CGDFQ Thank you for reporting this and our apologies for the
setback. This is obviously something we will fix. If you encounter any similar
issue, let us know. Maybe configuring some aircraft systems will produce
similar errors as there sometimes is dependencies between systems or
parameters that are not yet tracked by the Aircraft Editor. Regards, Sylvain