[SU11 Beta] Scenery Editor - Should release project from cache, memory and sim when project closed

It seems the scenery that you work on or just open a scenery project will
remain in memory, cache or VFS or what ever. The project should be release
from memory, cache scenery files/lists or VFS when the project is closed. Even
doing a Restart, or going back to the main memory will keep the project data
and show the airport you were just looking at. You must exit the sim and
restart the sim to get back to default. I mean when you open a project the
data in that project automatically gets load (fine with that) but if I close
the project it should go back to the default or community version.

This cache is really complicated, when you want to make adjustments and the
3ds are superimposed! in my opinion without this cache in the SDK would be
much better!