SU11 Helo-Turbine engine documentation

Hi, I believe I have gone through all of the docs and I don’t see anything
specific to Helo-Turbine. For example we believe these parameters are now used
by the sim, but it isn’t clear the extent, or whether all turboprop parameters
should be expected to work. Can it be kindly made clear which turboprop
parameters are relevant to the sim? [TURBOPROP_ENGINE]
n1_to_shaft_torque_table maximum_torque

I have not dug deep into turbo props yet but it looks like as long as engine-
type is “turboprop” the Density_On_Torque_Table is using those variables. But
I do not see them as single entries in the engine.cfg file. You have to use
Density_On_Torque_Table SDK The Engines


I’m talking about engine_type Helo-Turbine, which was added in SU11 for
helicopters. engine_type = 3 ; 0=Piston, 1=Jet, 2=None, 3=Helo-Turbine,
4=Rocket, 5=Turboprop The issue is, we are not able to find almost any
configuration parameters except the general turbine engine parameters, and
some of the turboprop variables are impacting the simulation. So, we need to
understand the situation for Helo-Turbine engine type.

Hello @davux3 Yes, the TURBOPROP_ENGINE section is used in the case of
Helicopters and all its parameters are applicable. @Nocturne will make it more
explicit in the documentation. Regards, Sylvain