SU11 - Navigation System Issues

Hello, I am implementing VHF navigation systems for an A220 project and have
come across two significant issues with the navigation API provided by the
simulator: NAV Systems 3/4 Inoperational The DME system on the A220
allows for two different DME receivers, each with three channels. Due to this
architecture, I must create a three-channel multiplexer to poll the three
channels consecutively on separate NAV systems from our VOR/ILS so as to not
interfere with their functionality. Luckily, the simulator provides up to four
NAV systems; however, the latter two (3 & 4) don’t actually seem to actually
do anything.
Even though I have NAV.1 and NAV.4 tuned to
exact same frequency, NAV.4 doesn’t return any data.

You should note that DME1 (NAV.3) doesn’t even turn on for whatever
reason, but I’m not even sure if that’s part of the same issue or if it’s
something else. Regardless, all of the tests have been done with the
verifiably powered DME2 ( NAV.4) system for that reason. At one point,
NAV.3 was actually working and was exhibiting the same behavior shown

I have included the systems.cfg entries pertinent to the NAV systems for

circuit.5 = Type:CIRCUIT_NAV:1#Connections:bus.4#Power:4, 5, 20.0#Name:NAV1
circuit.6 = Type:CIRCUIT_NAV:2#Connections:bus.4#Power:4, 5, 20.0#Name:NAV2
circuit.7 = Type:CIRCUIT_NAV:3#Connections:bus.4#Power:4, 5, 20.0#Name:DME1
circuit.8 = Type:CIRCUIT_NAV:4#Connections:bus.4#Power:4, 5, 20.0#Name:DME2

Nav.1 = 1, 1, 1
Nav.2 = 1, 1, 1
Nav.3 = 1
Nav.4 = 1

Intermittent ADF Data ADF tuning works; however, the data seems to be
intermittent. As you can see in the attached gif, ADF data is momentarily
available but then toggles on/off. And no, the bus powering
ADF.1 is
not cutting out.

Hello @MikeRoma NAV3/4 issue: can you check if creating COM3 & 4 even if
you don’t need them solves the problem? We have identified a similar problem
recently, fixed it (not in SU11) and this was a workaround. ADF issue: we
will try to repro this issue and come back to you when we know more Regards,

The fix for Nav 3/4 did actually work, and I don’t know if I should be happy
or angry at that. Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing back on the
ADF issue.

Hello @MikeRoma I wasn’t able to reproduce the ADF issue yet. The simvar were
consistent in the tests I made. Are you able to reproduce the issue with an
Asobo aircraft? If not, can you provide us with a package demonstrating the
problem so we can investigate? ([
or-crash/77) Section 3) Regards, Sylvain