SU11 now opens the console every time we sync

SU11 now opens the console every time we save & sync, can you please remove
this new feature as it’s getting annoying as we sync a lot and do not need to
check the console each time. If we want to check for console errors we can
just open it as before. I hope this make sense from a developer standpoint.

Hello @Flysimware This behaviour appeared with
SU10 when the Aircraft Editor was “plugged” on the usual BuildPackage flow
that always triggers the console on package build. But we understand this can
be annoying, especially since some of the warnings or errors detected on
aircraft loading are not displayed when the PackageBuilder group filter is
selected in the console. We’ll change this behaviour so that the console is no
longer displayed on Save&Resync.; Thank you for the feedback. Regards, Sylvain

You’re right it was since SU10. I really appreciate you guys plan to remove