[SU11] SimConnect-C# Bug reading STAR-Data

Hey Guys, sadly I was unable to test the ARRIVAL FacilityData during beta and
needed it now to implement a workaround for the AI issue posted here some days
ago. While working on the Code I ran into a major issue/bug when trying to get
NAME from the Arrival, any other Float64 (using double in C# struct) for the
ApproachLeg and RunwayName/Designator for the RunwayTransition. According to
the SDK the values i need are either char[8], float64 or int32. I am aple to
get data in those formats from other parts like Airport-Latitude, Airport-
Longitude, Taxiway-Start or Airport-Name, this make me wonder if there is a
issue in the ARRIVAL part of SimConnect. Results: 1) When requesting ARRIVAL-
NAME I get a CTD of my app with an access violation thrown inside SimConnect
2) When requesting APPROACH_LEG-FIX_LATITUDE I get a reutn value in my struct
(supposed to be double) ending on E-21 or so. 3) When requesting RUNWAY-
RUNWAY_NUMBER I get a value far greather then 45 4) Side note: Not sure if
UniquePerentID is working for APPROACH_LEG when requested inside ARRIVAL-
ENROUTE/RUNWAY-Transition, based on my observation it returns the ID of the
ARRIVAL but not the one of the TRANSITION - but because of the Results in 1-3
I was not 100% able to confirm this. I will attach a sample project for the
issue of 1 and 2 in the next comment for you to test.