[SU11] XML Panel aliasing does not work anymore

Apparently there is a problem with SU11 when multiple aircrafts are sharing
the same XML gauges. Before the update you could alias panel cfg. For example,
our F-35 is mostly based on XML gauges which are contained in the panel folder
of the F-35A only. The F-35B and C alias the panel by using the following
panel.cfg: [fltsim] alias=\IndiaFoxtEcho_F35A\Panel In SU11, old packages
built with this tecnique work fine in the sim, but in ones built in SU11 the
alternate versions do not show up in the sim.

Hello @Indiafoxtecho We are investigating your issue but we have troubles
reproducing it, can you send me your package (see [3) provide private content
crash.html)) and explain a little bit more the issue, do the gauges just don’t
show up? Don’t work as intended? Is it the case on the F-35A too or only on
the aircrafts using aliasing? Best regards, Yohan

Hello @Yoanito - sorry for the delay in the reply (very busy days)… I
planned to send you one of the faulty packages but I have already duplicated
the .XML gauges to make them work. I will “roll back” one of them and will
provide it to you. I also wanted to check if the problem is only on the Dev
mode or if the package works fine once installed in any case… We have three
projects with this problem: - MB-339 (MB-339PAN is the “master” model,
MB-339A and MB-339A/MLU alias its panel) - F-35 (F-35A is the “master” model,
F-35B and C alias its panel) - M-346 (current published version has one
SimObject, but the next one will have two) Situation is as follows: 1) Current
packages on the Marketplace WORK FINE in SU11 (so you will not be able to
replicate the problem loading the packages, they are fine) 2) The problem
shows if you delete the packages and rebuild them. In that case, in Developer
mode, only the “master” model appear. That is only the F-35A shows in the sim,
and only the MB-339PAN shows in the sim. 3) If you copy paste the panel folder
(with all the XML gauges) in the other aircrafts (instead of aliasing them)
and recompile the package all the planes show up.

I think I have found a viable solution… that is aliasing the panel folder
from the aircraft.cfg. E.g. the entry below for the MB-339A and A-MLU in the
aircraft .cfg fixes the problem. Panel=“\…\…\IndiaFoxtEcho_MB339PAN\panel”
…however, aliasing the panel from the panel.cfg worked before SU11.

Hello @Indiafoxtecho Sorry to come back this late but I just want to notify
you that we are still working on this issue and will come back as soon as a
proper fix is found. Best regards, Yohan