[SU11Beta] Aircraft thumbnails are confusing

Looking at the SDK and the section on thumbnails. It refers to the “capture
aircraft thumbnail” it will create a png 3840x2160. This is not working for me
as stated. It creates a thumnail.jpg file that is 412x170. Why would we not
use the “Aircraft Capture Tool” and set the dimensions and file type there?

Where does the graphic for the
aircraft selection go? Mine is always blank. There is no mention of specifics
here. Is this setup in the aircraft.cfg? ui_thumbnailfile = “” ; app relative
path to ThumbNail image file I see the thumbnail.jpg file gets created,
however there is no explanation on where this is used. The contentIfo jpg does
not get put into any other folder (texture) where I believe it should be
copied to automatically. (or at least tell us in the SDK) And please fix this
and mention the texture folder here