[SU12 Beta] In Game Panels can now be wider than the simulation viewport

Production version doesn’t allow In-Game Panels to exceed the width of the
viewport and will always resize to the viewport. It seems like SU12 removed
that limit. Creating a transparent panel that covers the entire screen is now
impossible since we can no longer rely on this limit and because there is no
way to know the width of the simulation viewport from within the in-game
panel. Let me know if you need more info!

Hello @runshotgun , Can you give me more information on what you are trying to
achieve that need InGamePanels to have a viewport width / height constraint ?
If you have a video or screenshot showing the behavior between SU11 and SU12,
we would be interested :slight_smile: Feel free to answer in a private comment if
necessary. Regards, Boris

FYI, this issue is causing more issues:
view-new-sim-12-beta/576920> Seems like the massive size of the panel not only
corrupts the Flow panel but also messes with the rendering of other UI

Hello there, Since the issue was fixed in a private comment, here is the
solution : From SU12, you will need to remove defaultWidth and
defaultHeight and only use


in the ****element if you want to use the full screen viewport. Regards, Boris