[SU12 Beta] Note On SimVars In Multiplayer

The new list of multiplayer sim variables include all the lights variables.
From our tests, those variables aren’t transmitted and only
is sent.

Confirming what Keven is saying about lights… Regards, Raul

Hello @runshotgun,
@Simbol Did you perform your tests with an aircraft
that uses a legacy electrical system? For some aircraft that use the legacy
electrical system, the simvar LIGHT_STATES will be used, which is a bit mask
that includes the status of all lights. Also, I suggest that you avoid using
the flighting documentation while the beta version is not yet available.
Regards, Boris

For clarification, what is in your view the legacy electrical system? my
products show all the components under the behaviour window ----- > show
electrical system, with amps, voltage, etc. I gather that is the new one? in
which case… only light states are being transmitted anyway… Best, Raul

@Simbol , I’m still not sure of the correct behavior
and we need to do some investigation on this. Can you tell me how do you
proceed to do your tests on multiplayer simvars? Thanks, Regards, Boris

We test variables 1 by 1 using the SimVar tool on multiple PCs using
multiplayer with a common mule aircraft. In the case of lights, it’s important
that all the lights are connected to the electrical system. Otherwise the
variables will stick to zero.

Hi @Boris As keven is saying same behaviour here, we see only lightstates
variable is being transmitted, not the individual light variables. This is a
problem when we have indexed light variables such as strobes[0], strobes[1] or
pedestal light with pedestal[0], pedestal[1], etc. R.

We have reproduced the issue and added a ticket to our backlog. thanks for
reporting the problem. Regards, Sylvain

possibly another way of saying the same thing is “LIGHT NAV:1” is transmitted
successfully across multiplayer, but “LIGHT NAV” is not. The docs in general
aren’t crystal clear which vars need an index so I found this out by trial and
error a couple of months ago.