[SU12 BETA] Throttle Input Axis drive only 4 engines instead of 4+

I noticed that since MSFS supports more than 4 engines natively, my throttle
input only drives 4 engines out of the 6,8 or 12 engines. Will this be fixed?
If yes quickly? Have a good week.

Hello @Jimmy_BlueMesh The key events are not available yet and keys supposed
to affect all engines affect only the first 4. At the moment, writing every
GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION simvars with corresponding engine index is
the only way to control all engines. Regards, Sylvain

Hi @FlyingRaccoon , here is what i did, it’s working well with throttle, and
also with mixture and prop levers during a time When I load the plane it’s all
working and after a few minutes I can only control the first four engines with
my joystick ( i use a X52, so one input for all engines )… But if i use the
lever manually with the mouse it’s fine. Do you have an idea ? :

                    (B:ENGINE_Throttle_5, percent) (>A:GENERAL ENG THROTTLE LEVER POSITION:5, percent)

                    (B:ENGINE_Propeller_5, percent) (>A:GENERAL ENG PROPELLER LEVER POSITION:5, percent)

                    (B:FUEL_Mixture_5, percent) (>A:GENERAL ENG MIXTURE LEVER POSITION:5, percent)

Edit: the 4+1… engine levers remain locked if I do a control+E or a
control+shit+E. I have the impression that it is due to the autostart or
autoshutdown procedure which freezes them…

Hi @Jimmy_BlueMesh, Talking to the person in charge, the issue regarding
Ctrl+E or Ctrl+Shift+E should have been resolved with World Update 13 which
was released on April 25th. Seeing that you posted your last message on April
27th, I suspect this is not the case - could you please confirm that you are
still seeing the issue with version of the sim? Best regards, Eric /

Hi Eric, Yes i still get this issue with, i just try it 10min ago