[SU12B] CTDs while SimConnect AI Traffic is running (after 20min)

Hey, after updating to SU12B I get regular CTDs in high density AI traffic
areas after around 20minutes of running the Sim in DevMode. Last entry in the
SimObject-Log: Event: 0 3 Dump files (all with an access violation): see next
comment - CVT directory for the lagacy files we used was cleared before
starting the Sim - We do see this issue on different systems at different
times/regions in the Sim - Flying in low density traffic areas seems to work
(did a flight from Fairbanks to Saskatton without issue)

Hello @Kaiii3 Is this related to your application
spawning traffic or it happens with the base AI traffic as well?

Have so far tested only with our app running, but based on the logs it looks
not related to any “injection”-call as it happens on times the app runs
RequestDataOnSimObject-Calls. I will run a few tests with live-traffic enabled
to see how the Sim performs

Live Traffic (using our models for matching): No crash within 30min Live
Traffic - with AIGTC (injection disabled/only monitoring): No crash within
25min → I am a bit lost here now, maybe the above dump files can help…

They do help. All crashes happen at the same spot in the code, when ATC
handles an IFR approach. I’m just curious if this is a general issue or if
it’s caused by an unexpected case provided by a PLN file.

we do not add any STAR or other arrvial info into our PLN files.