[SU12B] DME SOUND not working

Problem: A:DME SOUND:x cannot be turned off. To reproduce: C-172 (or any other
AC with a sound panel with DME). Clicking the DME audio button has no impact.
The interaction event may toggle, but light indicators will report DME SOUND:x
as still ON. The sound cannot be heard regardless. I confirmed with SimVar
Watcher that DME SOUND:1 and DME SOUND:2 stay at 1. K: events to set them OFF
have no impact.

Hello @MariopilotPD808 I’ve tried to reproduced your issue but unfortunately,
the DME SOUND button and simvar work as intended on my build, maybe I’m
missing some repro step, can you send me a video of you reproducing this issue
? Best regards, Yohan

Hello @Yoanito , I do not have a video, but a better clue:


Triggering the event causes the DME sounds to freeze at 1. This then persists
if another aircraft is selected (through SDK’s aircraft selector) I can go
around this by using the single DME channel events encapsulated in if{}

Hello @MariopilotPD808 After running some test on the DME we did found an
issue with it where you can’t hear any sound no matter the state of the simvar
DME SOUND and the DME button, a ticket has been made in our backlog. For the
issue with the K: event, using RADIO_SELECTED_DME_IDENT_ENABLE will “lock” the
DME SOUND simvar at 1/true, regardless of the state of the button, to “unlock”
it you need to use RADIO_SELECTED_DME_IDENT_DISABLE then use the button, the
simvar will behave normally, it’s due to the fact that the button use a
different event which change different variables and the fact that the two
radio_selected_dme event override the value of the button. This behavior is a
little bit misleading but come from FSX and we don’t intend to change it. Best
regards, Yohan