[su12b] ui_panel not working when a project is open

I’m experiencing some weird bug when working on projects - In dev mode I have
always used the in game panels (weather,autopilot and so on) to change
parameters when working with sceneries, now they won’t open when a project is
loaded this is with su12b demo video devmode panels -

once the project is discarded (and can’t see a close project anymore in
su12b…) the panels will show The issue is consistent without addons too -
when opening a project in the hangar view (for faster in game compiling), when
loading a flight, the project must be loaded again, this is new in su12b? btw,
I have noticed altitude loading errors too, at the end of the video a building
is loaded 30 meters above the ground (it is a worldscript placed simboject),
sometime I have the vectorplacement floating PS (please remove su10 flighting
and add su12 flighting in the…uhm, forum spaces? thanks!)

I too have an issue with a worldscript simobject loading above the ground by
about 25 feet or so. This worldscript simobject is a hangar with an automated
door and is placed in a snap to ground configuration. The hangar door
automation works correctly but the hangar “spawns” in the air above the ground
about 50% of the time. So, the issue is intermittent but consistent as well.
As a simobject without the worldscript, this hangar reliably “spawns” normally
and snapped to the ground every time. Thank you, Bob

Hello @mamudesign, For the ingamepanel that does
not show, this is a known issue that is being investigated. Regarding the
project loading, the tools that are hidden and you don’t need to reopen the
project. Just go to " Editors " > " Project Editor
". When you say “for faster in
game compiling”, you mean faster than compiling in game ? how much faster ?
About the floating building, we will investigate, Thank you :slight_smile: Regards, Boris

Splendid, thanks ! Need to get acquainted with the changes in the various
editors :slight_smile: About the floating stuff, will wait for your investigation If
helps, Have found some other floating issues with the light rows + light
support, those I can solve using a terraforming rectangle, (will link a demo
video about the behaviour soon, as well as some minor bugs on the Airport’s
lights presets) , but the worldscript trigger thing seems not to be affected

Do you have many instances of Vectorplacements / Light rows / Light Support ?
Regards, Boris

Maybe a couple lightrows, hope to finish the video in the evening, is gonna
contain also the blender’s emissive strength issue raised on the github

Here we go, around minute 34 In editor, light row elevation is ok, outside the
editor is off https://youtu.be/SHHp1BkzUR4?t=34m After placing a
terraforming rectangle , elevation is ok outside the editor too And around
minute 28 you can see that when changing the values in the light presets they
sometimes need a couple of changes to show their correct effect

Any update on the floating building issue?