[SU14] Rain stops after 30 minutes

If you set the weather to rain - it rains. But after 30 minutes sitting on the runway the rain stops. Flight restart will have the rain reappear, however you have to reset the weather dialog. Weather debug indicates ambient rain - but none is seen.

But sometimes flight restart does not work.

edit: humidity in weather debug remains at 60% no matter what I do to the humidity slider.

An update to this, now after sitting without rain for another 25 minutes the rain starts again. I did nothing to make this happen other than restart the flight a few times, but still a those times, no rain. I would assume that if you select RAIN as the weather type, then it rains continuously. But perhaps this is by design as the rain comes and goes?

If I want continuous rain I need to set the options Windshield Rain ( but that only gives me rain on the windshield?)

Hello @DA40CGDFQ

What is your cloud coverage and wind set to?
I think rain also depends on cloud coverage and cloud position.
You can try to set the coverage to 100% and see if that makes any difference.


I am setting the weather to RAIN (not live weather) - I would assume it would rain constantly no matter what the cloud coverage, but now that I think of it, does the setting change over time? This would imply that clear skies could eventually “rain” if I leave it long enough. My confusion is that it should rain all the time and not turn on and off over time.

Changing cloud cover did not make it rain, only leaving it and as time passed the rain came back.

There seems to be a mixing of dynamic weather and static weather conditions?

Not a high priority to me, just unexpected behaviour.

It only rains from clouds. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember. The rain clouds don’t have 100% coverage and they move so if you’re sitting still the rain will be intermittent.

Effective coverage also depends on layer height.
I just tested with a 4000 ft layer with 100% coverage and it rained uninterrupted for an hour. Rain intensity also varies a bit.
That’s the expected behavior.


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