SU6 - SDK - critical - build & export Function : Invalid marketplace data

Hi, I tried to clean my project and build it to start the ingest process (MSFS
Market place) and for the community process However I keep getting the error :
Invalid market place data - unexpected folder (please see the screenshot
bellow) What did I do : - deleted the marketplace asset package in the sdk :
The button “remove” is not working - manually deleted the marketplace
asset package in the package-definition xml and all the stuff related to it
(imgs, .json …) - recreated the marketplace asset package via the ingame sdk
windows “add marketplace data” - add all my infos again - I tried to build
this time and it worked without any error. - I tried to build a second time
because I added 1 more img to the slider block → the error Invalid market
place data - unexpected folder
occured - I tried to clean the package again
/ build the market place data and the error was still occurring. I’m on this
issue since 9 Am (UTC+2) I am at your service if you need me to do other tests

Regards, Boris from Bank
Angle Studio

This is a new “feature” or bug. If you build a package for Community then you
should remove MarketPlace Data from your project. Then should build fine. But
SDK is broken in this update.

Well, the problem is that I want to build it for the marketplace ^^’

Hello. What build action are you using? Build package? Build all? Build &
export to Community? to Marketplace? BuildAll followed by Build&Export; to
Community seems to cause this issue as the first action generates Marketplace
data and the second one tests its absence. In that case, the workaround is to
just zip the content of your package directory. Build & Export to Marketplace
shouldn’t show this error though.

Hello, I use the Build & export to Marketplace (and community) action. To be
sure about what I said I just tried to “Clean All” and then “Build & Export”
for the marketplace and indeed it works now. The only error I got is the "
Thumbnail.jpg is missing " which I saw in another topic. ( I resolved this
error by renaming my source img “item_content.jpeg” to "
Thumbnail.jpg " Regards, Boris

@FlyingRaccoon , In fact I just did a first
test with the following workflow: 1. “Clean” the package (no more PackageInt/
Package/) 2. “build all and export” And then I got no errors. I tried again
this workflow after a minor modification and … the error Invalid market
place data - unexpected folder
strike again even if I don’t have build

As I said, “Build All” will generate MarketplaceData so if you select
Community in the export panel, you’ll have this error.

Anyway, I waiting for a fix, the SDK is unusable for me.