SU6 transparent textures bug

Hi. We are seeing a weird anomaly with a semi-transparent glass texture in one
of our airports in SU6. There are 3 glass materials, all have similar settings
with exception of the draw order parameter. The material in question has it
set to 0. Only that one material has an issue (everything was fine
previously). <http://www.drzewiecki-> <http://www.drzewiecki-> Basically - all glass
surfaces became almost non-transparent. Could you advise what might be wrong

I did a little digging and found, what we need to operate with roughtness
factor. Set it to 0.0 to fully transparent. 0.5 semi transparent (blurred)

Will test, thanks. Do you know if this is something that was changed in SU6?
Prior to SU6, that material looked perfect.

No, I have no further information. I just ran into a similar problem and tried
to find ways to solve it. Perhaps this is a new feature, because now you can
achieve an interesting effect on the glass.

Hello. With SU6 comes some proper blurring implementation for glass material
and it will be finalized with SU7. If you want to keep clean transparent
windows, you want that roughness set to 0.0 Sorry this one was missing in the
release notes. Regards, Sylvain

oh. Wow! It’s nice implementation, and i was right =)