SU7 1.21.17: Capture Aircraft Thumbnail --> CTD --> Installation corrupted!

Using the “Capture Aircraft Thumbnail” on my package (C-22J Ventura) - caused
a CTD - The sim will then not start “This App can’t Run” - (if the exe is
run directly as administrator, permission is denied) I could re-install
without having to re-download all (custom packages folder), but other may be
less fortunate.

Hello @MariopilotPD808 My apologies for the delay, Do you still have issues
with the Capture Aircraft Thumbnail tool ? Regards, Boris

I finally got a chance of testing this with the new capture tool. Problem
still present.

Hello @MariopilotPD808 Can you follow these guidelines and provide us with a
full dump file so we can check what’s causing the CTD?
crash/77) Regards, Sylvain

Despite installing the registry keys listed above, no crash dumps are
generated. Further details: - Capture tool ran in the “Hangar”, application
in windowed mode - Used “technical” preset. MSFS displays the various preset
cameras in sequence - file saving begins, immediate CTD afterwards - “This
app can’t run” next time MSFS is started. Only fix is a re-install

Have you checked the game exe was no longer showing in the task manager? It
sounds like your dump file is still being generated (and therefore doesn’t
appear yet) and you try to restart the game while the exe is still running. -
Make sure you have enough disk space where dump files are supposed to be
created. (the whole process memory will be dumped so it can take a lot of
space !) - When the crash occurs, check the task manager and wait until
FlightSimulator.exe is no longer showing.