SU7 and Babylon exporter: Where is the batch export functionality gone?

Hello! Since the latest SDK update I’m missing the functionality to export
multiple objects from a MAX scene into separate GLTF files. There was a button
here for that but it seems to have disappeared?

Hi @Sasa we encourage you tu use the MultiExporter that you find under the
menu FlightSim->MultiExporter The legacy MultiExporter button has been
deprecated for a long time and we removed it The new MultiExporter give you
more possibilities

Hmm… there seems to be no such thing here:
Installation of the new SDK into
MAX seems to have gone fine judging by that the previous error message when
opening MAX has now disappeared:

Could you open the listener and log here the errors displayed? Can you print
as well the exact max version you have?
AutodeskProductInformation-> About 3ds Max

Here you go: Listener enabled after opening a few items in the “FlightSim” and
“Babylon” pulldown menus:

Version information:

UPDATE: I have just seen that you have a security fix installed MAX so I did
the same (but instead installed the more up to date 2019.3.6_SF… caution!
Installation of the fix may take an hour easily!). E violà! This looks a whole
lot different now! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Glad you solved the issue. This was also documented in the
due to python dependencies, the FlightSim → MultiExporter is available only
for Max 2019.3 or major

Looks like there were still some corners in the SDK that I didn’t know inside-
out yet. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks a lot for pointing me into the right direction!

The Multi Exporter is very useful indeed, and we used it a lot in our latest
projects. I wanted to report a minor annoyance with it: On the 2nd “Presets”
tab, if you double-click on the “Path” field, it gives the impression you are
editing the path. However, it’s not saved and, the only way to edit the path
and keep it, is to click the Edit Path button down there.